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What are cookies?

Cookies can be used for analytics/tracking, loading assets from CDN (such as javascript, css and fonts), login sessions and personalization of the website, e.g. remembering what pop-ups a user has already seen.

What cookies do we use?

This website is using cookies when:

Data storage

Web hosting and form data

This website is hosted on Netlify and all form submissions are stored on Netlify. We don't share your data with anyone. Read more about how Netlify is working with privacy and user data questions, on their privacy page and on their GDPR page.

Web traffic and encryption

All data is transfered over a secure and encrypted connection.

Your data

Request data removal

Have you been in contact with us, through one of our forms and want your data to be removed? No problem! Just send an e-mail to and we'll sort it out in no time.